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Science is on Our Side

Real Amino Acid Chelated Minerals
Powered by Science

The science used in Tracer's amino acid chelated minerals was developed by our science-driven company that has assembled an outstanding team of engineers, animal scientists, and nutritionists. Our founder, Chris Schuetze, is passionate about animal health and the viability of the production animal industry. His research, along with many others', has helped develop this transformational technology that improves the health and profitability of your herd.

Chris Schuetze Tracer Minerals Animal Nutrition
About Us

Did You Know?

Most mineral blocks contain only 4% trace minerals.

Our amino acid chelated minerals are a vital key to a profitable operation

and the care your animals deserve.

No Prescription Needed.

Amino Acid Chelates are Shown to Target the Multiple Causes of Oxidative Stress

Chelated Amino Acids
  1. Lameness

  2. Foot Rot

  3. Treatment / Handling

  4. Heat Stress / Cold Stress

  5. Hairy Hell Wart

  6. AIP

  7. Transportation Stress

  8. Decreased Milk Production

  9. Lower Conception Rates

  10. Inflammation / Joint Stiffness

  11. Dysfunctional Immune Response

  12. Retained Placenta

  13. Reduced Movement Fluidity

  14. Decreased Stamina

Top 5 Reasons that Amino Acid Chelated Minerals are the Real Deal


We make a superior product with only the finest ingredients. Lots of companies claim to sell a chelated product, but only Tracer's minerals have the unique chemistry required (and AAFCO defined) to maximize effectiveness in your herd.




Due to our uniquely chelated minerals, these products are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Most products are broken down in the stomach, giving them a very limited window of opportunity to be utilized in the start of the small intestine. Our products use amino acids to carry them past the stomach and throughout the intestinal tract for maximum absorption opportunity.




When utilized on a regular basis, our products help your herd build up innate immunity. Instead of reacting to illness and infection in your herd, treat them proactively with Tracer's affordable products to avoid expensive treatments later.




Animals on our products are proven to have higher success rates with reproduction because of the healthy hormone function that happens as a result of better nutrition.




Without chelated minerals, your herd can only utilize so much of the energy they are eating in their feed. By adding our products, you can maximize their energy utilization to get the most out of your bunk time.

Why Chelated Minerals?
  • Why should I provide a mineral supplement in the first place? Aren't mineral blocks enough?
    You need to provide a trace mineral supplement because most trace mineral blocks contain only around 4% trace mineral. Minerals help vitamins do their job and are recognized as the most important nutritional component. You have to have adequate trace minerals to obtain optimum health.
  • Why should I choose amino acid chelated mineral over regular mineral?
    Amino acid chelated minerals, like the ones Tracer Minerals provides, are more completely absorbed than regular mineral supplements. With a more readily absorbed mineral you are getting more for your money. There are two causes of mineral deficiency: inadequate intake and lack of mineral absorption. You want to provide the mineral that is easiest to absorb.
  • What is an amino acid chelated mineral?
    An amino acid chelate is produced through a patented technology. It is the process of stabilizing an ion by binding it to an amino acid. This process improves the absorption of the mineral. Chelated mineral is is the most readily usable form of mineral, meaning it is the easiest for the body to absorb.
  • What are some problems caused by mineral deficiency?
    There are many problems in cattle: - Retained placenta - Reduced conception rate - Cystic ovaries - Abnormal ovaries - Reduced follicle stimulating hormone (PsH) - Luteinizing hormone (LH) - Testicular degeneration - Decreased libido - Depressed fertility - Delayed development and puberty - Abortions - Weak and stillborn calves - Calves born with contracted tendons - Low weaning weights - Poor immunity and slow healing - Abnormal bone structure - Poor growth - Feet and leg problems - Coat dipigmentation - Not shedding right - Nervous disorders Some of the problems you will see in horses are: - A rough coat - Skin conditions - Appearance of a wormy horse (even after several dewormings) - Failure to gain weight - Gooey and crusty eyes - Decline in performance and energy - Poor hoof growth and bad feet - Retained placenta - Failure to ovulate - Decreased libido - Reduced fertility - Failure to conceive - Foals born with contracted tendons - Delayed wound healing and depressed immune function So as you can see there are many problems that can be helped by providing adequate trace mineral supplementation.
  • What are some areas that I can expect to see improvement after providing an amino acid chelated trace mineral supplement?
    The three main areas that will improve are hormone function. immunity, and energy utilization. It will improve the health, performance, growth, development, and fertility of your animals naturally.
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