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Crop and Plant

Amino Acid Chelated Micronutrient Fertilizer

Product Information

Available Product


Lux, Tracer Minerals Ready to use Household Spray Fertilizer.

Lux provides the most bioavailable nutrients for the nourishment of your indoor and outdoor plants.

Lux won't burn plants and is safe to use around children and pets. Use Lux on houseplants, flowers, and in your garden.


DeLux, Tracer Minerals Concentraded Fertilizer.

DeLux provides the most bioavailable nutrients for the nourishment of your plants and lawn.

DeLux won't burn plants and is safe to use around children and pets. 

Safe to use on fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs, turf grass, and lawns.

Plants & Lawn
Micronutrient Foliar Fertilizers
3 Molecules

What Sets
Us Apart

So What Does This Mean for the Plant?

Instead of getting trapped on the surface of the leaf, Tracer's Amino Acid Fertilizers are stable and neutral, thus passing through and into the plant directly.


Neutral Charge Amino Acids
Phloem and Xylem

Xylem transports water and inorganic minerals in a limited and one direction (roots to leaves-capillary action)

Phloem transports sugar and nitrogen compounds all around the plant wherever it is most needed

Amino Acid Chelated Minerals are able to use the plant's phloem because of the nitrogen in the amino acid and do the most good for the plant


By the time you see deficiency symptoms, yield has already been lost


Corn Field Test

Early Testing

Multiple locations across the United States participated in our preliminary testing phase to determine the optimal blend.

Sites ranged from dryland corn in NW Kansas to high production Iowa 


Split Field Test
Corn 4
Corn 3

We saw awesome results, so now we prove them over and over

Corn 2
Soybean plot map 2

12.2 bu/acre increase in suboptimal conditions

2.5 to 8.9 bu/acre increase when it was "the perfect year for corn"

Are you prepared for what this year will bring?

Corn Leaves V5
Corn Yield Increase
Wheat Sunset


Wheat 5
Wheat 4
Wheat 3
Wheat 2
Wheat 1

SW Kansas Wheat Farm Study

Photos Taken after unprecedented -20F Cold Snap

Sprayer Boom Line

InGrained Plants:




Stood Better


Harvest Results




58 Bu/Acre

InGrained Micros

70 Bu/Acre

Wheat Tissue Samples

Tissue Samples

Mineral Importance


Soybean plot map
Soybeans 2
12 Bushel/Acre
InGrained + Growth Regulator
Soybean Field Test
Soybean Yield


Milo Research


1.9 to 2.1 Extra Tons Per Acre

With InGrained Treatment

InGrained Also Improves The Nutrient Density of Plants

(see Corn and Wheat Data)

"You spend hundreds of dollars per acre to put the crop in. Don't forget about the last 5 or 10 bucks! If you don't have enough of any micronutrient, that could be the yield-limiting factor in your crop."

-Brian Hefty, AgPhD

Nutrient Uses

Nutrient Uses
"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency."

- Dr. Linus Pauling, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner

Chelated Mineral Importance

Top 5 Reasons that Chelated Minerals are the Real Deal


We make a superior product with only the finest ingredients. Lots of companies can claim to sell a chelated product, but only Tracer's minerals have the unique chemistry required to maximize effectiveness in your crop.



Due to our uniquely chelated minerals, these products are more easily able to pass through the cuticle and into the Phloem. Most products are transported in the Xylem, giving them a very limited opportunity to be utilized by the plant. Our products use amino acids to carry them and throughout the plant's phloem directly to the location it is needed.


When utilized on a regular basis, our products help your plant build up a tolerance to environmental stressors.  Instead of reacting to stress, treat your field proactively with Tracer's affordable products to avoid expensive treatments later.



Fertilizers tend to burn plants due to the free ionic metals (Chlorides, sulfates, etc.). Tracer's amino acid chelates are electrically neutral and stable, thus there is no interaction with the surface of the leaf and the product passes through and is absorbed



Amino acid chelated minerals technology has been around for 70+ years. This science started in human applications before being applied to livestock, pets, and crops. Trace utilizes the same core chemical principles in all products (Human, Pet, Livestock, Show, and Crop).



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