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Mineral Enrichment Cream is a light moisturizing cream that hydrates dry and sensitive skin. This gentle formula helps soothe dry, irritated, and sensitive skin by moisturizing and restoring the skin barrier. ME Cream includes coconut oil, sunflower oil, and shea butter to ensure your skin is smooth and hydrated after application. Magnesium helps support nerve and muscle health. Zinc creates a protective barrier that shields skin from the elements and locks in hydration and moisture. ME Cream also has Vitamin E, which helps fight damage and promote skin healing to diminish signs of aging.


Two Scents Available

Blossom - is a fresh and enchanting floral fragrance that creates a romantic and uplifting experience reminiscent of a blooming garden.

Sea Mist - is a refreshing and invigorating sea mist fragrance that captures the essence of a cool, calming ocean breeze.


Contact Us for Bulk Purchasing or Local Pickup:

Phone: (620) 865-2041

ME Cream

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