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Starting Fluid is the new standard in supportive therapy for cattle, horses, goats, and swine. This new presentation of a very old formula delivers Amino Acid Chelated Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, and Potassium in specific ratios at specific rates to help the body detoxify and utilize oxygen at better levels. Helps build oxidative enzymes by providing minerals that compose these enzymes or act as cofactors in their creation.  No prescription needed, no withdrawal period. Can be drenched (5-15 cc per head), added to water tanks at 1 quart per 500 gallons of water, sprayed on feed. Can be used as treatment support or administered daily to help with the mineral needs of the animal. The ultimate flexible trace mineral source. Use in intense breeding programs when putting CIDRs in, when breeding, vaccinating, weaning, and when treating sick calves. A very cost effective, safe, efficacious way of supporting animals in conventional or natural programs.


Our Starting Fluid is available in a variety of sizes:

1 pint bottle ($25.00 + shipping) 

8 ounce bottle + calf pump ($35.00 + shipping)

1 quart bottle ($35.00 + shipping)

1 gallon jug ($120 + shipping)

2.5 gallon jug ($240.00 + shipping)

5 gallon case ($480.00 + shipping)

30 gallon drum (contact us for bulk pricing and shipping)

250 gallon tote (contact us for bulk pricing and shipping)


We recommend using 11cc per head per day, or 1.5cc per head per day for calves in milk replacement.



Contact Us for Bulk Purchasing or Local Pickup:

Phone: (620) 865-2041

Starting Fluid

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