Ton Pricing for Platinum 110 and 220 (CTC and/or IGR)  


For products with no additives-Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Products with additives- Products will be manufactured when VFD has been received. Please allow 4-6 weeks for arrivial. 


Tracer Platinum 220 - The original version of this mineral was better known as the old “Albion Beef and Dairy” mineral formula. This time tested formula has proven itself throughout North America as the best mineral formula ever made. A concentrated form only requiring a 2 ounce per head per day consumption. Made with very high levels of Amino Acid Chelated trace minerals including chelated magnesium and potassium. Platinum 220 is “The Foundation Mineral for purebred and commercial cow/calf operations. You will see the difference in your cattle and their health and performance. You adjust the consumption using free choice salt. Platinum 220 is available in a meal form or a very nice weatherized version for a small upcharge. This formula is used in AI programs, as a high Magnesium mineral for grass tetany, in show feeds and your neighbor’s old cow herd. This multi-use product takes the guess work out of your trace mineral program. Sold in 50 pound bags.


Tracer Platinum 110 - This is a 4 ounce per head per day version of Platinum 220. This product contains around 22% salt. If you prefer the convenience of having salt already mixed in your formula, this is the one for you. This product is also available as a meal or weatherized formula. Sold in 50-pound bags.


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Bovine Free Choice Mineral (220 or 110)