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Tracer Life Balance Dog Tabs are designed to promote overall health and wellbeing of your dog. You will notice dramatic improvement in the coat and possibly the attitude of your dog. Made with real Amino Acid Chelated trace minerals, digestive enzymes, and probiotic bacteria. In addition to helping with digestive health, this product addresses the issue of coprophagia. Trace minerals help reduce oxidative stress and significantly improve recovery times after exercise. This will be a major contributor to helping enhance the quality of life for your dog. 1/2 tab for dogs under 10 lbs,  1 tablet for dogs 10lbs to 25lbs, and 2 tabs for dogs over 25lbs. Use as a daily supplemental treat or crumbled on food.


Contact Us for Bulk Purchasing or Local Pickup:

Phone: (620) 865-2041

Life Balance Dog Tabs

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