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The Breeder Pack formula was designed by the man who wrote the nutritional specifications for the American Embryological Society. Formulated more than 20 years ago  and now slightly updated to accomodate for the animals of today this product continues to deliver more high quality embryos from donors at flushing and increasing conception rates of recips and AI programs. Begin feeding when CIDRs go in and return to the Platinum 220 product when you breed the cow. This super concentrated mineral pack is fed for approximately 20 days at strategic times when you really need cattle to be at the top of their game hormonally. Ensure a feed consumption of 6 ounces per head per day. This product is sold in 50-pound bags.



Contact us about bulk purchasing options or local pick-up from our home office in Cimarron, Kansas.


Contact Us for Bulk Purchasing or Local Pickup:

Phone: (620) 865-2041

Breeder Pack

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