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Alpha Tabs for dogs utilize Amino Acid Chelated trace minerals, digestive enzymes, and probiotic bacteria to assist your dog's body to be its best. Observed results can range from improved coat, stools, range and ease of movement, in addition to decreased recovery times after exertion and reduce soreness. Great for high activity dogs and service dogs. Can be used in any stage of life or functionality. Dosing: 1/2 tab for dogs under 10 lb, 1 tab for 10-25 lbs, and 2 tabs for dogs greater than 25lbs.  Can be used as a daily supplement/treat or crumbled on food. 


Contact us about bulk purchasing options or local pickup from our home office in Cimarron, KS


Contact Us for Bulk Purchasing or Local Pickup:

Phone: (620) 865-2041

Alpha Tabs

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